What is APG Sweden?

APG Sweden is an independent, non-profit organisation representing the interests of the Swedish account planning community. We are affiliated with the Account Planning Group in the UK, which has been represented in countries such as Germany, Belgium, Spain, Australia and Argentina for some time – and now we've added Sweden to the list.

The organisation was formed by three planners joining forces in December, 2006, striving to create a meeting place for account planners in advertising, research and media agencies. Our reasons for doing so were two-fold. Firstly, account planning is growing rapidly in the Swedish advertising business both in terms of client demand, agencies hiring planners and people seeking to become planners. Secondly, we basically just wanted to know who else is out there. (And it turns out there's more of us than we initially thought: as per November 1, 2007 we're 103 members).

So what do we do? APG Sweden's aim is to promote account planning within the advertising community as well as to serve as a training ground for planners to sharpen their skills, exchange ideas and engage in interesting debates. We go about this by arranging lectures, get-togethers, coffee mornings and whatever else our members might come up with.

If you want to know more, just drop us an e-mail at info@apgsweden.se. If you're more of a phone person, call either Dan Landin at +46-709-60 18 88, Claes Foxérus at +46-708-25 44 00 or Jonas Söderström at +46-709-49 60 26.

Coffee mornings autumn 2007

Coffee mornings are held on Aug 16, Aug 30, Sep 13, Sep 27, Oct 11, Oct 25, Nov 8, Nov 22 and Dec 6, starting at 8.30 am at Wayne's Coffee on Kungsgatan 14 in Stockholm.